Today i’m going to show you some AROMA GARDEN DIVINE products, I received a few weeks ago in the mail.

All of the products are absolutely VEGAN, so it´s one of the few products out there that can be used without having thoughts of animal testings in the back of you head (if you do).




Let´s start with the DIVINE REPAIR. This one is -as you might imagine from the name- a REPAIR HEALING OIL for your skin.

In it are 12 highly concentrated ethereal oils and many other ingredients that will help your skin get more hydrated and also soft.


I use half of an ampoule every morning.

It´s just the perfect way to repair my skin from slight damages -like getting beaten up on the street…well, no-





The DIVINE MASK can be used once a week for about 20 minutes to give your face a proper purifying treatment.

In it are for example Vitamine E, Jojoba Oil as well as Lavender, Myrrh and varius other things.


The green clay is especially good for detoxication, skin repair and mineralising trough its very high qualitiy ingredients.





Last but not least the DIVINE SERUM. It´s a INSTANT CELL REPERATION SERUM that can be used every day.

It consinsts of jasmine oil, geranium oil as wella s Vitamine A and E.

I take two pumps of it per usage and can say that my skin feels much smoother afterwards.

GeorgMallner_Beauty_AromaGarden_Devine_Beautyblog_5-No baby skin analogies here, haha-


All in all I love creams and serums because after every treatment your skin feels way better than before, smother and fresh. The Aroma Garden series smells very nice, very organic.

If you’re a facial cream lover and want to have a nice products which are also vegan – this is worth buying.

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