Bill Kaulitz, front-man of Tokio Hotel opened his exhibition on Wednesday evening at Seven Star Gallery in Berlin within the launch celebration of his book BILLY.

It’s 6pm on the first sunny and warm day this year as I’m standing in front of the Seven Star Gallery in Berlin Mitte, waiting. Bill Kaulitz is opening his exhibition tonight and I am able to get into the place in the middle of the preparation phase. Gallery-staff still work on hanging up the massive portraits, technicians do the light check, bartenders cleaning glasses.

GeorgMallner_Lifestyle_Exhibiion_BillKaulitz_Billy_1 GeorgMallner_Lifestyle_Exhibiion_BillKaulitz_Billy_4 GeorgMallner_Lifestyle_Exhibiion_BillKaulitz_Billy_8

After a few minutes the location is empty and I stand in the middle of it, all alone. A opportunity for private tour trough all the pictures, all black and white. Bill showes himself the way he wants people to see him, you can really feel that. I use the time alone to take pictures for you guys before the big hurry breaks out.

The location of the exhibition is greath and amazes me more than the pictures do. I’m in love with old shredded walls, kinda grungy in a positiv way. In my opinion it is the perfect surrounding for his black and white photography.And so the main part of the evening begins, the invited guests slowly start to fill up the gallery. Everyone is looking forward to see Bill. He arrives with his brother Tom and his Manager. I don´t like his outfit to be honest. The provoking sweater saying ‚blow me’ as well as the red sneakers don´t convince me at all. At least his pants and the belt are well chosen and manage to save the outfit as a whole.

GeorgMallner_Lifestyle_Exhibiion_BillKaulitz_Billy_5 GeorgMallner_Lifestyle_Exhibiion_BillKaulitz_Billy_6 GeorgMallner_Lifestyle_Exhibiion_BillKaulitz_Billy_3 GeorgMallner_Lifestyle_Exhibiion_BillKaulitz_Billy_9

Seen in retrospective the evening was very nice because I met a lot of my friends as well as interesting new people. The whole location was really inspiring for me. The reaction of people were interesting to see on Bill´s photography, if you’re interested be sure to check it out.

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