A new trend which isn’t that new anymore is wearing your pyjama in public. When I saw it for the first time I was skeptical. I didn’t know if I just love it or should better question it. Of course, it depends on the piece you wear – I wouldn’t recommend your fluffy bunny pyjama. We rather talk about the silken one, a great shaped silk pyjama.

At the moment nearly everything is possible in fashion. Yesterday for example I’ve watched The Sweetest Thing and in the dressing room scene, where they try on outfits of famous movies I realized that mostly everything they wore wouldn’t get a strange look when wearing it in 2017. Every trend has its revival, but being innovative nowadays isn’t easy because of that.


Look_GeorgMallner_Silk_Pyjama_PyjamaLook_outfitoftheday_Ourfit_style_Leather_cummrebund_Suitpants_Asos_Italy_Photoshoot_Streetstyle_editorial_7 Look_GeorgMallner_Silk_Pyjama_PyjamaLook_outfitoftheday_Ourfit_style_Leather_cummrebund_Suitpants_Asos_Italy_Photoshoot_Streetstyle_editorial_2

shirt ASOS /  buy here

pants ASOS / buy here

cummerbund ASOS /buy here

Look_GeorgMallner_Silk_Pyjama_PyjamaLook_outfitoftheday_Ourfit_style_Leather_cummrebund_Suitpants_Asos_Italy_Photoshoot_Streetstyle_editorial_4 Look_GeorgMallner_Silk_Pyjama_PyjamaLook_outfitoftheday_Ourfit_style_Leather_cummrebund_Suitpants_Asos_Italy_Photoshoot_Streetstyle_editorial_3

So in my opinion the whole silk pyjama thing is something new and innovative, because I haven’t seen lots of people in the past wearing a pyjama in public, except Hugh Hefner. For him it was the ultimate trademark. I also know that there will not be a huge tolerance for this look, because I always see the reactions if someone walks in in this look and no one understands it. People are mostly confused about what happens in fashion.

For my look I’ve just used a silk pyjama shirt with normal suit trousers, both bought at Asos. As another eye-catcher I’m wearing this cummerbund, which actually is a waistband out of leather for women. I really love this outfit a lot and would love to wear it to every event, but can not do it, because as you know you always have to wear something new. For some people this look is very provocative because of its huge neckline, but thats what I like the most on this pyjama trend.


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