For Paris Fashion Week Menswear S/S17 Zuzanna and I were staying at the lovely Boutique Hotel La Lanterne Paris.

Boutiques Hotels are always my favorite because of their exclusivity. If you never heard of these kind of hotels before or don’t even know what the word boutique means in this context, NO you can’t buy clothes in there.A boutique Hotel is a very small hotel with typically between 10 and 100 rooms/suits in unique settings with a very high standard.


GeorgMallner_BoutiqueHotel_LaLanterne_5StarHotel_Spa_Paris_FashionWeek_luxury_7 GeorgMallner_BoutiqueHotel_LaLanterne_5StarHotel_Spa_Paris_FashionWeek_luxury_8

We were more then happy that La Lanterne gave us the chance to stay in one of their nicest rooms with a lovely balcony from which you had an amazing view to the typical parisian streets.

GeorgMallner_BoutiqueHotel_LaLanterne_5StarHotel_Spa_Paris_FashionWeek_luxury_4 GeorgMallner_BoutiqueHotel_LaLanterne_5StarHotel_Spa_Paris_FashionWeek_luxury_5

The Boutique Hotel La Lanterne is located in the heart of Paris at the 5th district , a few 100 meters away from Notre Dame Cathedral and the Pantheon (which i haven’t seen this time, because I had way to much to do with the shows, but Zuzanna were walking there to see it). Near the hotel are also a lot of restaurants in cute side-streets.

Our Room was on the 5th floor on the top of the hotel, the only rooms with a balcony that was disguised in sheet metal, which I personal loved because of its reflection.


It was very modern with dainty details of lanterns all over. You could feel why the hotel is named this way.

GeorgMallner_BoutiqueHotel_LaLanterne_5StarHotel_Spa_Paris_FashionWeek_luxury_15 GeorgMallner_BoutiqueHotel_LaLanterne_5StarHotel_Spa_Paris_FashionWeek_luxury_

GeorgMallner_BoutiqueHotel_LaLanterne_5StarHotel_Spa_Paris_FashionWeek_luxury_2GeorgMallner_BoutiqueHotel_LaLanterne_5StarHotel_Spa_Paris_FashionWeek_luxury_18 GeorgMallner_BoutiqueHotel_LaLanterne_5StarHotel_Spa_Paris_FashionWeek_luxury_17

The bed was totally comfortable, I slept literally on clouds. At first we planned to go out this evening, sitting in nice cafés and enjoying the parisian flair but from the moment on we sat on the bed we both knew that we won’t leave the hotel this evening.

Instead we went to the spa of La Lanterne. It was in the cellar of the hotel and was an amazing grot out of prick walls, my favorite.

GeorgMallner_BoutiqueHotel_LaLanterne_5StarHotel_Spa_Paris_FashionWeek_luxury_12In the spa you find a heated pool which has the perfect size for a nice swim and has also a whirlpool function. After the pool we went to the hammam sauna which was a highlight for the night.

GeorgMallner_BoutiqueHotel_LaLanterne_5StarHotel_Spa_Paris_FashionWeek_luxury_10The next morning we had breakfast in the hotel from which i have been quite impressed because in most of the hotels in Paris you just find jam and croissants for breakfast. At La Lanterne on the other hand you had a huge variosity of delicious things.

GeorgMallner_BoutiqueHotel_LaLanterne_5StarHotel_Spa_Paris_FashionWeek_luxury_14All in all I can totally recommend a stay at La Lanterne, the staff at the reception as in the breakfast room is amazingly friendly and helpful. The rooms as much as the whole hotel is extreme clean and tidy. Its a very high standard which you shouldn’t miss on your next stay in Paris.

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