As introduced last week I decided to give you more personal view on my life.

Yesterday I was walking through the central station, because I had an appointment with my friend in the city and what happened there gave me the idea of this post. While crossing the station I saw this – to give a rough estimation – 17 year old girl heading my way, starring at me. Nearly next to me she started to lift her hands, look in my direction and screamed in a very inappropriate way ‘’OH, GAAAAY’’. -INSULTS

What did she just do? She tried to offend me, without any reason?

I didn´t know this girl, I never saw her before. What gave her the right to offend me? I just kept walking without any reaction. You guys know from my snapchat how I’m dressed in public most of the time, wearing my NY-cap, leather jacket, casual jeans, my Acne scarf and Dr.Martens boots. Yes, the most basic and casual look in all black without a gay touch. So what gave her the feeling to make such a comment? And that’s not the first time. Why are people walking around insulting others?

Since I’m 14 or 15 I get offended in public by strangers. I grew up in a small town in Austria where strangers always gave and still give me the most negative looks and comments. Mostly boys and girls between 15-30 try to insult me with their words. Wether running around the mall or standing on a sidewalk, people look at me and call me names. Most of the time the just walk by and call me UGLY or GAY (in german SCHWUCHTEL or SCHWUL).

Sometimes they look at me and ask ‘IS HE A BOY OR A GIRL?’ which is quite silly, because you know how i look like. Once in Austria a car stopped, this two guys sitting in it looked at me and called me an UGLY FAG. Even if someone thinks I’m ugly or gay, why do they have to confront me with it? Why don’t they just hold it to themselves?

I just don´t get it? Is their live so miserable that they have to run around and be mean? I don’t understand why people act this way. Why do they even care about me, a stranger? A person they see for the first time and maybe won’t see ever again? How do I get so much of their attention?

GeorgMallner_Lifestyle_diary_teaser_face_portrait_blackandwhite_shooting_editorial_I just can talk for myself, but I would never ever be mean to a person without a reason.

I don’t take it to heart, I got used to it, even if that sounds silly. If these things happen to you all the time your entire life you don’t care about it any more (at least i don’t). I’m not hurt if someones call me names, because I’m way to stable and neutral. The reason why I talk about it on my website is, that so many of you guys experience the same every day. I just want to give you a better feeling, knowing that I struggle with the same unnecessary things.

Unfortunately I’m not able to help you out there, standing next to you giving you strength, but keep in mind that you are better than those people who walk around spreading hate. Don’t react if they call you UGLY or something else. Stay strong and keep in mind that they are ridiculous and you have better things to put your energy in. Even if you are not that stereotypical person who everyone loves, you are worth a lot more than they are.

The whole issuce is quite an old one but still so common unfortunately. People around the world, men and women, get offended by people without any reason. Wether of their weight, skin color or sexuality. We are all the same, so why do these hatefull people don’t get that? It’s 2017 and there is still that much hate around and nothing has changed. We should live with each other, not against. Why is this so hard to understand? When you don’t like someone or this person doesn’t suit in your way of living IGNORE them and don’t insult them.