It has been silent for a while now and I can not even tell you why. I just needed that break of writing. Some of you know that i’m not really good in writing and sorting things coming to my mind. So how should i bring it to paper? And 300 words is a lot. Why 300? Because the system of google ranks you better if you use over 300 words on an article.

That’s why I never post my pictures without words, even if they appear sometimes meaningless. But I´m always trying my best.

Most of the time I write when i’m traveling, while sitting in the Bus, waiting for my next flight, just to use this time for something meaningful. The problem is that I always catch myself drifting off and rather watching people or listening to music. There are many Influencers out there who have a hand for story telling and know how to use words in an article on their website. I’m better with pictures and always was a more visual person. It’s easier for me to express myself with pictures rather than words.

That’s why i had the break on my website, because there was no muse of writing something. I continued with posting pictures on Instagram. There i’m not posting all pictures i take, just a small amount of selected shots. The other ones moulder away on my laptop which is sad. So i need to find the balance again and post more in here. Because there is a lot of content I can show, so you can check my website on a weekly basis. I have a few outfit posts left. You saw some pictures already in my Instagram but there is more to show. So I’m thinking about topics I can post next to the pictures.

In this pictures I’m wearing a suit by Topman and a t-shirt by Arket.


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