A huge turtleneck pullover knotted with slightly rough wool combined with a soft half cashmere half woolen coat, both grey.

Worn in a forgotten field of plants that looked like reed, over 3 meters high next to the woods. Disguise between all this leaves and stems. An art piece of pastel tones captured in amazing pictures.

I loved the idea shooting an all grey outfit in dry reed fields, because I thought the mood will be very special in pictures. It’s winter tho and in the beginning of January it´s not easy to find one. Because if you have bad luck everything’s covered in snow. However, passing by huge fields on the countryside of my city I discovered a small field close to the street. I guess the farmer forgot to cut it in autumn, because otherwise there is no sense in this. Next step was convincing my brother shooting with my an outfit at -2 degrees on a windy day in the fields. It was working as you see.

GeorgMallner_Fashion_Outift_Look_Knitted_Turtleneck_Pullover_Coat_Cashmere_50ShadesOFgrey_Fields_editorial_Cornfield_Menswear_Zara_4 GeorgMallner_Fashion_Outift_Look_Knitted_Turtleneck_Pullover_Coat_Cashmere_50ShadesOFgrey_Fields_editorial_Cornfield_Menswear_Zara_2 Kopie

turtleneck ZARA / similar

coat ZARA / similar

Pants WEEKDAY /similar

GeorgMallner_Fashion_Outift_Look_Knitted_Turtleneck_Pullover_Coat_Cashmere_50ShadesOFgrey_Fields_editorial_Cornfield_Menswear_Zara_GeorgMallner_Fashion_Outift_Look_Knitted_Turtleneck_Pullover_Coat_Cashmere_50ShadesOFgrey_Fields_editorial_Cornfield_Menswear_Zara_5 Kopie

Standing next to the plants we noticed how big they really were, because from the street they didn’t appear that high. Fighting through those plants we were standing in the middle of it and I was more than happy with the location. Seeing all this overgrown beauty made it to the perfect spot to shoot this outfit.

Combined a roughly knitted turtleneck pullover by Zara with a lighter grey coat. I love the mixture of fabrics, so it wasn’t hard to choose those two pieces to shoot together. I couldn’t find grey trousers for the shooting in this short time, so I was just wearing one of my black ones. This grey and black combination makes it more causal I guess.


I’m more then happy with the result of this shooting, my brother did a really good job, didn’t he?



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