It feels like Fashion Week is all the year round without a break. From Mens shows to Haute Couture to Ready-To-Wear and again from the beginning. So how to have a normal job next to being a blogger? This is nearly impossible when you want to take all the shows with you. Next to having money you also need to organize so many things to get into the shows. Fashion Week preparations take lot of time.

This post shall give you a litte insight in the whole work you have to do before sitting in front of the catwalk. What you have to do to get there step by step. What most people don’t know: IT’S A LONG JOURNEY. On Instagram and Snapchat everything looks easy and amazing, but for smaller bloggers this is the result of hard work. Of course top bloggers or bigger bloggers get their flights booked, sleep in nice hotels which they don’t have to pay for and have their driver who carry them around. But for others, me included, Fashion Week means just a lot of organization + spending tons of money.

We are starting with checking all the dates when fashion week is taking place.


Which shows will you attend and where?

It sounds like a piece of cake but attending about 22 fashion weeks a year isn’t always the easiest to organize. You really have to think carefully which ones you really want to attend. Below I’m listing this years shows with date and you will understand what I’m talking about:


  • London          6th –   9th of Januar
  • Milan            14th – 17th of January
  • Paris             18th – 22th of January
  • New York    30th –  2nd of February


  • Paris            22th – 26th of January


  • New York       9th – 17th of February
  • London         17th – 21th of February
  • Milan           22nd- 28th of February
  • Paris            28th – 08th of March


  • London            9th – 12th of June
  • Milan            17th – 20th of June
  • Paris              21th – 25th of June
  • New York      10th – 13th of July


  • Paris                 2nd – 6th of July


  • New York        7th – 15th of September
  • London         15th – 19th of September
  • Milan            20th – 27th of September
  • Paris              26th –   4th of  October


Next to this 18 fashion weeks some designers also show certain collections inbetween them. On the dates you can see that sometimes there is not even one day between two different destinations. The best time to do check dates is every December because then you find all shows for the next year online. The picture below shows you how it could look like on a few websites.



Now that you know the general dates you have to get to the information which brands are showing there collection. Therefore many sides on the internet showing you the exact schedules. For example at you find all the shows. I don’t really know when they are uploading the shows but I’m checking mine always 4 weeks before the start.

Now you should already know which shows in which places you would like to attend. Next up is getting an invitation, otherwise there will be no shows for you.

How to get invitations for Fashion Week?

If you are not one of the lucky people who get invitations without asking, you need to do a lot of research. This is one of the most tricky things for sure. As a blogger, if you’re not one of the tops, you don’t get invites easily. They don’t invite without a reason. There are so many bloggers, buyers, editors who have their seats year after year.

Thats why you need to find out which PR agency is responsible for which brand. For your information, Public Relations agencies are planning all the shows. I’m having a document which I renew nonstop with new email addresses.


The best time to write to the pr’s is two weeks before the shows start, because thats the time when they start to prepare the seating. You may ask yourself how long it takes until you get the confirmation for a show? It totally depends, some of them write you straight away, others let you know two days before the show starts by sending you the invite via mail.

But make sure to have an accommodation before you get your invitation. When you get in contact with the person in charge they mostly ask for a delivery address in the destination you want to attend the shows. Means if you want to see Chanel in Paris you need to have an Parisian delivery address. Maybe you have friends living there, so the best way is to ask them if they are ok to receive the invites for you. If not, you have to check for a hotel or Airbnb.

Flights and Accommodations

As said before you actually need an accommodation when not having friends there to get the invites. I know this sounds concretionary, because why should you book everything before having any invites. When you are at your beginning as a blogger its always a huge decision attending fashion week, because this is super expensive. Getting a cheap flight + accommodation is quit hard. Most hotels are fully booked at fashion week as well as Airbnb’s. If you don’t want to spend too much money on it, you have to plan ahead. But even if you plan ahead you will spend a massiv amount of money on your trip + having stress, so keep that in mind.

GeorgMallner_FashionWeek_Preperations_Organization_WhatToDoToGetASeatInFrontRow_HowYouOrganizeYourWayToFashionWeek_FashionweekGuid_WhatToWear_HowToGetInvitationsForFashionWeek_Schedule_6I’m personally booking my flights always a week or just a few days before, because I’m never really sure if I’m going to fly or not and always staying at a friends place.

Well, let´s say you have organized all that stuff, some of your invitations are confirmed, your accommodation and flight are booked and you still have one week or a few days before the trip starts. What else do you have to think of? Your outfits!

What am I going to wear?

It may sounds stupid to some of you but your outfit could be the key to success. In front of every building a show takes place streetstyle-photographers waiting for cool and innovative outfits, new trends and of course new trendsetters. So you have to think about your outfits carefully. I recommend you guys wearing a different outfit every day, that gives you more chances to get featured in magazines or street style sites.

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Some bloggers wear a different outfit at every show, which would be undoable for me, because going by public transportation back and forth costs so much time and energy just to change cloths. I would do it for sure, having a driver. At your beginning of blogging you mostly have to pay for all your cloths you want to wear at fashion week. Top bloggers or bigger bloggers are able to lend cloths of designers. If you’re not on that point of your career you need to search in stores or online and also how many suitcases to carry all that stuff.

This is it, nearly everything you can do before having your flight and enjoy the first shows. The whole organization is totally worth it but in my opinion quite stressful. Using way to many hours writing dozens of emails, searching for hotels and getting from one place to another. But at the end of the day it’s totally worth it and I’m always happy attending all the shows and be grateful to be part of it. It just takes time, but I’m staying motivated until I’m in that position when others organize it for me and I’m invited by them.

I hope I can help some of you guys with this little insight and some tips.

If there are any other questions you like to ask write it in the comment box below.