The look of the 70’s hit me harder than I thought it would. Shirts, Polos and working clothes inspired by this decade are to be found nowadays in my looks, most of it as unbuttoned as possible. I love showing skin but never want to it to appear tacky. H&M MAN.  

Next to all this vintage look I try to modernize it somehow, as seen on this polo by H&M. From the shape it appears quite regular but there is a zipper instead of the buttons at the collar. This little detail makes it all different. The print shows white flowers, but I don’t really know what kind they are. Normally I don’t like print that much as you guys know, but with this polo it’s different. It doesn’t appear that intrusive on it. The polo looks cool and elegant with its vintage twist.

polo shirt H&M

pants H&M

As a location I used my mums neighbors palms. There where just four palms standing there but on the picture it appears as I’m standing in the jungle. You can make everything possible with a good angle. Thats what I love about photography, everything is possible, you just need to know how.

Back to the look. It’s the perfect t-shirt for summer, its light and looks good for a party or just on the street. You can wear it for every occasion. Many of you are maybe not a fan of the zipper but you get used to it after a while. I normaly wear it open because when I close it I look way younger. It sounds weird but shirts or polos buttoned up let me appear as I’m a little school boy. Thats why I worked this way out, which fits best for me. Hope you liked my new summer essential. 


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