Being back in Berlin I had a very special appointment that I’m happy to share with you guys. I payed Frau Tonis Parfum a quick visit. The perfumery, with its 36 own perfumes also allows you to creat your individual customized perfume out of their fragrances. I was one of the lucky ones who could tests this experiment for you. For me as a perfume addicted it was the perfect opportunity to challenge my nose and build a perfume according to my ideas.


The cute little company, named after the owners grandmother Toni-Luise, is located in a side street of Friedrichstrasse. Standing in front of the perfumery it already got my sympathy. Through the store windows I saw the perfectly minimalistic white furnished insight and couldn’t wait to get in.

On the table in the center of the store perfume filled pharmacy bottles were sorted from fruity scents to flowery until oriental ones. I couldn’t wait to start the journey of scents.

GeorgMallner_Beauty_Perfume_FrauTonisParufm_Customized Perfume_Perfumery_Oud_Amber_Scent_Fragrance_5GeorgMallner_Beauty_Perfume_FrauTonisParufm_Customized Perfume_Perfumery_Oud_Amber_Scent_Fragrance_2


After a warm welcome form the perfume-expert we started building my customized perfume. First step was smelling all 36 fragrances and pick all my favorites and note them on a card she gave me at the beginning. Important to know if its not already clear, you mix 2 to 5 perfumes of Frau Tonis Parfum together to creat one individual fragrance.

In the second step I had to get more specific and reduce my selection. I couldn’t really decide in which direction my perfume should go. The question was, should it be more fresh or more harsh? I knew that at the end I shouldn’t have more then 5 left that get mixed together. I don’t have to tell you that it took me literally ages to get my decision.

GeorgMallner_Beauty_Perfume_FrauTonisParufm_Customized Perfume_Perfumery_Oud_Amber_Scent_Fragrance_3

For the third step the expert was my helping hand. 10 scents left, time to check which ones harmonize the best together. She showed me different mixtures of my favorite 10. Always when I thought I have it, I changed something again. PRESSURE

I’m a perfectionist, thats why I wanted to get as many mixes as possible.

However, after a few hours, while others just need at least 30 minutes I made it and had my 4 fragrances to mix. My personal perfume was made on site. The expert dosed it by knowledge to get less of the stronger perfumes and more of the light ones, to have the perfect mix.


GeorgMallner_Beauty_Perfume_FrauTonisParufm_Customized Perfume_Perfumery_Oud_Amber_Scent_Fragrance_4My perfume went out very spicy and oriental with a light breeze of freshness. I loved the whole atmosphere in the perfumery and the women who went with me through the whole workshop was more than amazing, I had such a great time there.

If you are in Berlin make sure to visit Frau Tonis Parfum. The Workshop + 50ml of your individual fragrance costs 149 EUR.

GeorgMallner_Beauty_Perfume_FrauTonisParufm_Customized Perfume_Perfumery_Oud_Amber_Scent_Fragrance_6