As you guys know I left Hamburg a few days ago, but a day later than expected. Why? Because I had this amazing overnight stay in Gastwerk Hotel which made me stay longer.

Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg is located in the Area of Ottensen/Altona which is very close to the river Elbe. The industrial factory building was renovated to a wonderful hotel. With its brick-walled loft character rooms it gives you the perfect cosy feeling for this cold winter season.

georgmallner_gastwerkhamburg_gastwerk_hamburg_gastwerkhotel_hotel_5starhotel_luxuryhotel_spahotel_spa_wellness_brickwalls_loft_lofthotel_1 georgmallner_gastwerkhamburg_gastwerk_hamburg_gastwerkhotel_hotel_5starhotel_luxuryhotel_spahotel_spa_wellness_brickwalls_loft_lofthotel_2 georgmallner_gastwerkhamburg_gastwerk_hamburg_gastwerkhotel_hotel_5starhotel_luxuryhotel_spahotel_spa_wellness_brickwalls_loft_lofthotel_

Arrived at the hotel we got two keys, one for our room and the other one for the spa area. I’m always excited if a hotel also has a great wellness area I can use to lay back and relax. After taking the elevator to the 3rd floor we saw our room for the first time. Room 312. As you may know I love brick walls so much, my old flat was also a factory before, so being in the room of Gastwerk made me feel home. The big heavy curtains gave the room a wealthy look. Another highlight was the walk-in closet because you could put everything in this little room to have the main room all clean.

georgmallner_gastwerkhamburg_gastwerk_hamburg_gastwerkhotel_hotel_5starhotel_luxuryhotel_spahotel_spa_wellness_brickwalls_loft_lofthotel_8 georgmallner_gastwerkhamburg_gastwerk_hamburg_gastwerkhotel_hotel_5starhotel_luxuryhotel_spahotel_spa_wellness_brickwalls_loft_lofthotel_16  georgmallner_gastwerkhamburg_gastwerk_hamburg_gastwerkhotel_hotel_5starhotel_luxuryhotel_spahotel_spa_wellness_brickwalls_loft_lofthotel_13georgmallner_gastwerkhamburg_gastwerk_hamburg_gastwerkhotel_hotel_5starhotel_luxuryhotel_spahotel_spa_wellness_brickwalls_loft_lofthotel_18 georgmallner_gastwerkhamburg_gastwerk_hamburg_gastwerkhotel_hotel_5starhotel_luxuryhotel_spahotel_spa_wellness_brickwalls_loft_lofthotel_17

Before we went to the spa area we ordered Burgers at the room service, changed to our bathing clothing and took our towels. The spa area was really nice furnished, it instantly gave you the perfect feeling to relax with its lightning and the great divisions with curtains. At the spa were two kinds of saunas, a menthol hammam sauna and a normal one. We used both of them of course.


After that we had a rest in the relaxation room. Refresher, ice teas and a very delicious tea were placed to take, as well as fresh fruits which was a plus. After the spoiling we went back to the room and chilled the whole evening in bed. At the next morning we went down to have breakfast. The restaurant was really beautiful furnished and the huge buffet was even better, you had all and everything, from cheese to meat, from eggs to cornflakes. One really can see (and taste of course) that the products used are good ones. A big range of food was set up beautifully and with love, which made it even nicer to eat.

georgmallner_gastwerkhamburg_gastwerk_hamburg_gastwerkhotel_hotel_5starhotel_luxuryhotel_spahotel_spa_wellness_brickwalls_loft_lofthotel_14 georgmallner_gastwerkhamburg_gastwerk_hamburg_gastwerkhotel_hotel_5starhotel_luxuryhotel_spahotel_spa_wellness_brickwalls_loft_lofthotel_4 georgmallner_gastwerkhamburg_gastwerk_hamburg_gastwerkhotel_hotel_5starhotel_luxuryhotel_spahotel_spa_wellness_brickwalls_loft_lofthotel_15

Unfortunately we had to leave right after the breakfast because I needed to get my transfer to Berlin, but I definitely want to come back. I can really recommend the Gastwerk Hotel to everyone who loves brick walls as much as I am. The perfect get away over the weekend.