‘…here you see the Grand Bretagne, but this is one of the most famous hotels in Athens’ the cap driver mumbled passing by the hotel and i was just thinking ’Isn’t it the hotel i’m staying in after coming back from Paros?’

I haven’t even known anything about the hotel when I had a look at the pictures on google back in Hamburg.

I just really loved the interior and was sending the hotel to my friend saying ‘I guess this one is my favorite’.  Didn’t check the prices tho, or anything, so i was quite overwhelmed when the guy in the cap told me all the things about it. I will not lie, it looked expensive on the pictures but who could know that it’s the most famous one in Athens.

But how my mum always says, I have an expensive taste, even subconsciously.

After our holidays in Paros (LINK) we arrived in front of the Grand Bretagne, where a concierge waited for us to get our luggage. The entrance hall is breathtakingly beautiful, the whole atmosphere is indescribable. It feels like you’re standing in the middle of a palace. Next to the hall was the restaurant which was even more beautiful. We just have been there one for lunch, but I really loved it.

georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_11 georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_10georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_15 georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_18 georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_26

The hotel has two reception desks, on is in the entrance hall the other one in the 6th floor. The difference between them is an extra butler service that you get in the upstairs one. We went upstairs to the reception and got our key for the room and were introduced to our butler, Thanos.

I have to say that we not really used our buttler because, i’m better on my own and don’t want to shoo a stranger from A to B for my needs. So his only was it to show us the room.

The room was beautifully furnished with all its dainty details. It wasn’t one of the biggest rooms but for one night all perfect. The big marble bathroom with its even bigger shower was my highlight of the room next to the amazingly comfortable bed. The products in the bathroom smelled exactly the same as the whole hotel, very sweet and tangy, i loved it. I’m quiet sad that I forgot to buy the room scent – maybe next time then.

georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_ georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_1 georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_2 georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_4 georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_3

The hotel has a really nice outdoor pool area in the 6th floor where i was staying right after my arrival. After that we went to the spa, which was so far one of my favorite spas I have been to. Why? Because they had four different kinds of saunas. I preferred the menthol one, because after it you felt refreshed and could breath freely. We also had a nice 90 minutes back massage plus facial massage. Which was more then amazing. I never had a facial massage before and enjoyed it to the fullest. I got some of the products after my treatment to use it at home and will give you a little review on them in the next weeks.

georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_24 georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_20

The dinner and breakfast on the next day took place on the most amazing rooftop with a wonderful view to the acropolis, both times we had the luck to have the best table with the best view.

georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_8 georgmallner_travel_grandbretagne_luxuryhotel_fivestarhotels_britishinterior_athens_greece_acropolis_21

The breakfast buffet was rich on everything you can imagine. I was quite unable to cope with because I wanted to eat everything but this was not possible. For dinner we had a very nice menu with valuable courses.

And of course is used the gym of the hotel for my morning workout. Because I was eating so much in Greece, I needed to workout once haha.




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