Bonjour mis amis, after spending so much time in Paris I’m still not able to speak french. This language is harder then I thought and I’m way to inconsequent to stay focused. But the time will come, I’m sure about that.

On of the biggest cliches that still often comes to my ears is ‚how do you communicate with french people if you don’t speak french. They are not willing to speak another language then french!?‘.

Well, that french people don’t speak english is not true. I just can speak for myself, but most people I was taking to didn’t have any problem with it. Now and then there are some guys who are maybe to scared or insecure to speak it but thats an exception.

jacket WE FASHION / similar

shirt TOPMAN / buy here

pants WE FASHION / similar

However, this look was shot in Paris near Champs Elysee. I’m wearing one of my favorite shirts in dark redish/brownish. It’s from Topman and has this nice revers collar that I absolutely love at the moment. As you see I’m not closing it completely, to get this 70s look. The grey suit I’m wearing is from WE Fashion. A slim fit suit which fits perfectly. Combined with Birkenstocks or white sneakers you get a more sporty and relaxed touch to the business look.


I just love Paris (as you should know by now). Paris is perfect for shooting outfits. You have so many places for pictures and even if you think you have seen all you find a new spot. In my opinion the 7th and the 16th arrondissement offers you the best locations. Most of the buildings appear similar for sure but it’s always about the perfect angle. You will find so many different spots if you just look carefully. With its antique buildings the city has this special charm and elegant touch. So if you’re looking for upscale architecture, you’re right in Paris.


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