Harness, the ultimate bondage accessorize, frowned upon in society because of its sexual aspect, used in kinky and runchy nightclubs for sex parties or in bed never seen on the street.

I changed that in wearing it as a fashion accessoire. It polarizes a lot but so am I. People even look at me like I’m an alien if I’m dressed basic-casual, so I couldn’t care less when they look at me because of the harness. The detail is a statement, a statement that I express fashion in my way, not swimming with the other fishes in the big pool of fashion.

georgmallner_harnessaffection_harnessbelt_allsaints_coat_weekday_trousers_look_style_menswear_mensstyle_outfit_outfitoftheday_2 georgmallner_harnessaffection_harnessbelt_allsaints_coat_weekday_trousers_look_style_menswear_mensstyle_outfit_outfitoftheday_

I’m not wearing this harness belt every single day, of course not. It’s more for spezial occasions and events, but there are also days I’m wearing it outside when I’m heading to the city. It just depends on my mood and what I want. I agree with many people who say ‘It’s ridiculous, wearing stupid clothes just to stand out’ – but in my opinion a harness isn’t a piece you put in this category.

In sex it’s used as a piece to show subservience but in fashion it gives you that chic and strong vibe. As on my pictures taken by photographer Dominik Müller you see how I’m styling it mostly.

The harness is of course in the focus, underneath I’m wearing this plain black turtleneck by Zara, black chinos by Weekday and Dr.Martens. Last but not least adding my beloved coat by Allsaints, which is from the women department, for those who were searing it without a result.


harness WEEKDAY / similar

turtle neck ZARA / similar

coat ALL SAINTS / shop here

pants WEEKDAY / similar

boots Dr.Martens / shop here


Yes, people get confused if they see me with my all black outfit and the harness belt but isn’t it what fashion stands for? Being different, showing what you love, building a strong personality with your look.

And ps for those who wonder: I’m just into the fashion aspect of harness. There is no sexual background in it.


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Pictures by Dominik Müller