As you might have seen on my Snapchat or Instagram I’ve been to Lisbon/Portugal a few days ago.

On this occasgion I’ve stayed in one of the most amazing boutique hotels, called CASA BALTHAZAR.

What makes this hotel so special? The breathtaking view from the rooms terrace over the whole historic city and the castle Castelo de São Jorge on the other side of the town for example. The terrace even has its own jacuzzi. Yes you heard right. On the terrace, which is bigger than a regular bedroom, is a heated jacuzzi plus two sunbeds and a table where you can enjoy your breakfast every morning.

Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_7 Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_8   Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_3

The hotel is located in the street Rua do Duque, which is a very very small pedestrian street. The hotel isn’t that easy to find if you don’t look carefully, because from the pictures we thought you can see the terraces and everything from the outside, but you can’t. Arrived in the driveway we were amazed by the clean and inviting look of the houses. The receptionist came and welcomed us in a very friendly way, very simpatico. An Page came and carried our suitcases to our room while the receptionist showed us the whole property.

Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_13 Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_14 The reception desk was in the main house with an huge public living room furnished in a modern 50’s look. Zuzanne and I said at the same time that we would furnish our living room straight away as this one. From the living room you had an direct bond to the patio with a big pool, also heated.

Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_22 Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_21Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_20 Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_16Everything was amazingly groomed and clean. I really fell in love with this hotel even without seeing the room yet.

After the small tour trough the hotel we entered the room which was in the side house. I opened the door and BOOOM, this room was incredible. I’ve seen it on the pictures but live it flashed me even more.

The room has the perfect size, high walls and the perfect box-spring-bed. My personal highlight was the brick wall, you guys know how much I like bricks. On the other side of the room you find a wardrobe front with an integrated kitchen. The whole room had an amazing interior, I really just can speak in high terms of the furniture.

Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_9Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_1  Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_The bathroom had a good size with a separate shower which was in another ‘open’ room. I loved the floor of the bathroom, you see it on the picture below.

Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_6 Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_27 Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_5Behind the window front of the room gleamed a huge terrace with the most magical view I’ve seen so far. You can see the whole center of Lisbon, all historical buildings and the castle. On the terrace you can find a very nice heated whirlpool from where you also have that fantastic view on the city. As one of the uncountable plusses of the hotel you get the breakfast to the room every morning, so you can decide if you wanna eat it in bed, at the table on the tarrace or in the jacuzzi.

Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_4  Travel_GeorgMallner_CasaBalthazar_Jacuzzi1_Lisbon_Portugal_Lisboa_Boutiquehotel_Lifestyle_Blog_18 A One whole day we spend on the terrace because we didn’t want to leave it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Guys, I have to say Casa Balthazar made my stay in Lisbon even more special and amazing, i can highly recommend this hotel to you. The staff is amazingly nice and open. The view of the room is unbeatable. The breakfast is yuuummm and will give you the perfect start for the morning on the terrace. If you ever come to Lisbon stay at Casa Balthazar, you won’t regret it, thats for sure.




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