Lying in bed researching for new topics on the internet and in my thoughts are just about Brighton – I MISS YOU BRIGHTON.

I miss those days going somewhere spontaneously with friends, on a bigger trip. The camera always with us to capture everything in the best aesthetic way possible. Show you guys our world, how we see it through our eyes. I haven’t done it in so long, a little follow me around in an great artistic way, I guess now it’s time to start again.

It’s quite a long time ago but if feels like yesterday, me staying in London for over 2 weeks at Mikko’s. One day we decided to have a trip to Brighton, because it’s not that far away from London by train. I’ve never been there before so I thought thats the perfect time to have a look.

Brighton is very small city, you cant really compare it in any ways to London. Cute houses, small streets, nice little boutiques. At some point I had the feeling being in an Italian village. We found a super delicious better class restaurant where we had lunch for an unbeatable price.

georgmalner_imissyoubrigthon_followmearround_youtube_allsaints_coat_acne_scarf_travel_fashion_london_streetlook_5 georgmalner_imissyoubrigthon_followmearround_youtube_allsaints_coat_acne_scarf_travel_fashion_london_streetlook_4 georgmalner_imissyoubrigthon_followmearround_youtube_allsaints_coat_acne_scarf_travel_fashion_london_streetlook_7

Searching for places to shoot outfits we stopped at this astonishing church, which you definitely have to visit when you’re ever go to Brighton. My favorite spot was the sea, with its vast presence and all the beauty. We walked around and shot some Outfits. At the end of our trip we went to the Pier, which reminds me now on the movie ‘Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children’.

georgmalner_imissyoubrigthon_followmearround_youtube_allsaints_coat_acne_scarf_travel_fashion_london_streetlook_6 georgmalner_imissyoubrigthon_followmearround_youtube_allsaints_coat_acne_scarf_travel_fashion_london_streetlook_brightonpier_2

Brighton is very windy so I was quite happy after the whole time of walking and shooting to be back in the warm train, because I was starting to freeze.

I’m thinking about going back to Brighton and for sure London at the beginning of next year, to explore new things.


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pictures by Mikko Puttonen