In my last post you have already seen the hotel we where staying in when we have been to Lisbon. Lisbon was the first destination in the south this year or better in the last years. Hooray to Hodliday Lisbon. I’m traveling a lot but always to places far away from the ocean, so the holiday feeling never really comes through. This post comes a little late because I took way to much pictures and it took me so long to organize them. Holidays Lisbon

Lisbon is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. It’s funny because I was never really interested in going to Portugal, it was never on my TO DO list, but this july one of my best friends had her wedding in Lisbon, which was the main reason to go there. And if someone invites you to be part of his wedding you wouldn’t say no, right?…Especially when you can visit a country you’ve never been before along with it.

From the very first moment we came out of the Airport to the center I fell in love. This city looked like a dream. I’m totally obsessed with architecture and Lisbon gives you all this amazing old buildings, everything looks so pretty and you can’t get away from the urge to explore everything.

GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_27 GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_10 GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_5 GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_6

It seems quite a stretch to say that, but Lisbon reminds me of Paris, but with the eye-catcher of the sea, which makes it more livable in my opinion.

Zuzana and I stayed in the most amazing Hotel in Lisbon called Casa Balthazar. I talked about it in my last post. LINK HERE

We had the most breathtaking view to the Castle and the old town from our huge Terrace. We were so flashed that we stayed a whole day in our room and enjoyed the sun in the Jacuzzi while listening to street musicians who were playing near the hotel.

GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_4 GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_2 GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_1

The other days we had a full schedule because as I told you at the beginning, the reason we have been to Portugal was my friends wedding. Beach party, bachelorette party, the actual wedding day and many dinners came across the other days. My friend invited about 150 guests to her wedding, including many friends of mine, which made the trip to such an amazing experience because we had the chance to have a big vacation all together.


The bachelorette party was so much fun, especially because I have been with solely girls, I was the rooster in the yard. We went for dinner to the TimeOut, which is a huge huge market hall with lots of food stands, sounds not that nice I know but this one is different, because they have so many good stands from real restaurants. It wasn’t that easy to get a seat for 14 people because the whole hall was crowded as hell. Afterwards we went to a outdoor club which was fun because they played all the old songs from our childhood. I don’t remember the name of the club to be fair but it was worth to go there.


On the next day the white party at the beach took place. You heard, the topic was WHITE so it wasn’t that easy to find something to wear because i barely own white cloths. Fortunately I found an old white denim short from 2009 in my wardrobe which I could wear.The whole atmosphere at the beach was amazing, all people in white with the sand and this white wooden beds looked so fancy. We really had the time of our lives there, everyone enjoyed the moment.

GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_11 GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_12GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_9GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_29


The wedding itself took place in the wonderful palacio do marquees da frontier. We arrived at 2pm, Zuzanna and I were one of the first guests there. I knew the location had to be amazing and I wanted to take pictures before all the people were coming. More and more guests arrived, it was a lovely come together. About two hours later the ceremony started, and it was so touching.

The bride looked more then gorgeous and everything was a perfect interaction. I have never been to such an incredible weeding in my life. All the fiances and girls with boyfriends had a look on their man and told them that they have to feel under pressure now because all the girls want to have such a wedding as this one. One of my highlights were the dining place on the terrace of the palacio which was so dreamy and fancy. A real fairytale from the beginning to the end. The celebration lasted until 8am in the morning because after the dinner and the wedding cake the REAL party, which took place in the garden, started.

GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_20 GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_15 GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_13 GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_7GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_17 GeorgMallner_Travel_LisbonDiary_CasaBalthazar_Jaquzzi_Wedding_Perfectwedding_WeddingInspiration_BeachParty_19

I had one of my best trips so far. One week in Lisbon is way to short tho. You need more time for this city if you also want to have some beach days. I just made it to the beach once because of the whole schedule and one day of sightseeing. Means I need to go back soon.

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