A day in mud and reed with Gucci, YSL and Apropos Store. That’s just a  summery of that pictures, not an explanation. I love to search for nice locations and settings that make all my pictures perfect in my way. I don’t really care how cold it is, how many people watching me or how dirty it is. All that matters is that I get that picture (sounds like a quote from America’s next Topmodel, but it’s not).

On the day I got the clothing at the Apropos Store in Hamburg I was quite sure that i wanna shoot this pictures at the Baltic Sea. I fell in love with this pants by Gucci because they looked quite 70’s. Of course, because most of their newer collections are inspired by the 70’s. But I love retro, chic retro. I wasn’t quite sure what to combine with it, because I already shot most of the stuff i like. I decided to add this light beige t-shirt by Saint Laurent which is plane form on the front but has a little writing on the back, which i wasn’t the biggest fan of, but since i knew that I will wear a coat over, it´s ok.

What coat it would be I didn’t know, because to be honest, i don´t like most coats in the male section. So the guy who worked there told me to check the women’s section because they have one great coat, which would fit perfectly. There it was, this sun yellow (I call the color that because it was standing at the crayons i used) coat by Odeeh. It’s this yellowish orange color I’m talking about. However this coat was the perfect highlight of the outfit. CHECK

By the day of the shooting we decided not going to the sea so we compromised to stay in Hamburg. We check for a location at the Elbe but didn’t even make it there. On our way we saw the Jenisch park and thought we should try it there first. On one spot there was this great reed, but you know where’s reed there is water. The closer we came the muddier it was. But as you see it turned out perfectly even if I sunk in every time i tried to move around.