We started our Athens trip (LINK) with a stay in the very modern design NEW HOTEL ATHENS in the center. The location is very good, it´s just 300 meters away from the National Garden of Athens with the Zappeion Exhibition Hall. At the end of the garden you find the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

From the rooftop of the hotel you can see the Acropolis, means it’s not that far away, approximately 15 mins by feet.

But now more to the hotel. The whole building is by designed from head to toe. Welcomed by the smell of the YES! room scent (which you can buy at the hotel) you enter the lobby to the reception desk. The walls speak for themselves. Made out of table legs, you get the feeling to be in a museum of modern art from the very beginning.

The whole staff is super friendly, just as we arrived the concierge took my luggage to the room. That was perfect because after carrying around my luggage I the whole day I couldn’t even feel my arms anymore.

georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_25georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_19 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_18

Then I entered the room for the first time. What popped up to my eye immediately was a chair with a ladder as backrest standing. The bed was standing quite in the middle of the room and looked so comfortable and cosy, I could just think about laying down and nap. The plane left at 6 am, means I had to wake up at 3:30am.

Anyways, on the other side of the bed was one of my personal favorites, a highly designed wooden chair which looked very uncomfortable to sit. It fitted excellent next to the small table made of small pieces of mirrors. On the left side of the chair was a lamp made of wooden bricks. It could be changed in two ways.

You could let it hang down or straighten it up so that it looks like a lamphead. The main reason why I tell you that is that if you enter the room the space between the lamp and the wardrobe isn’t that big so…I crushed against the lamp and because of its bipolarity the bricks fell from the lampshade down to the second option of the lamp.

In the first moment I was shocked because i thought I broke it until i realized the system of the lamp. So everything was fine.

georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_7 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_5 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_26 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_4

The bathroom is on the other side of the entry door, separated by a milk glass door. The pedestal with the sink on it was golden, not real gold of course, but it looked very fancy and harmonized amazingly with the wooden wall and the light blue from the milk window and door.

georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_2 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_8 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_3

After the tour through the room i went to the rooftop to check it out. The elevator stopped at the 7th floor and I walked through the hall into the restaurant with the open rooftop. The restaurant looked as amazing as the rest of the hotel, I really liked the colors of the interior.

It looked very 50’s at the first, on the other hand very modern and arty. I really loved the mix of both.  I didn’t really had the chance to sit outside and enjoy the view, because it was too windy. The view from the terrace was really lovely, I liked it a lot. You had a direct view to the Acropolis.

georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_14 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_10 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_9 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_15 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_24 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_12

Unfortunately the hotel doesn’t have a pool, but instead a small spa area for massages and a gym. I didn’t even worked out that much in my holidays but at least i did it once in the hotel.

The breakfast took place at the ground-floor of the restaurant. I loved the interior and the concept of the restaurant with its columns covered it wooden pieces. The breakfast buffet was multifarious and you had the chance to order extras, for example a fried egg or pancakes. I especialy liked the copper cutlery, for a second I was thinking to steal it.

georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_21 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_22 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_23 georgmallner_travel_hotel_newhotel_athens_greece_fivestarhotel_5star_rooftop_acropolis_20

All in all I loved the hotel because of its arty features and the very very friendly staff. As I said before, it´s sad that they don’t have a pool and a bigger spa area whith saunas.  I can highly recommend this hotel if you ever go to Athens.