My trip to Florence was amazing, the city is full of great locations to shoot new content. Now after checking through all pictures i took, I realized to issue a statement by wearing stripes all over. From one stripe shirt to another.

I was never really a print person, still not a fan of it but since a while I wear it here and there. I wouldn’t wear huge prints of brands, animalprint or pictures, but I’m more open to stripes and small things. Before we left for our trip I ordered some

new cloths. When we arrived I realized that mostly every shirt I got had stripes. Thin, thick, double but still always stripes. Alltough my shirts all have vertical and not horizontal strips because that’s the only way i like it.

In this post I show you my favorite three shirts I own and give you an example how to wear strips during the day.

Starting with my favorite shirt to chill and relax. An oversized shirt by Topman, which i bought in XXL to have the best oversized effect. It’s super comfortable and therefor perfect for the morning. From breakfast over to brunch, laying on the couch after having a nap. In my holidays I preferred this look for the pool also. You may have seen this style before at womenswear but as you know mostly everything modern at women’s become modern a year after at mens. For me it’s chilled and a perfect getaway of this skinny shirts I wear normally.

shop the shirt:  HERE


The next shirt is more brash and reminds me of an american look in the 70’s. With its red colour poise white and black strips it looks casual but chic at the same time. And perfect for midday having lunch and strolling though the city meeting friends for a drink. What i love about this shirt is the material. It’s smooth and feels like another version of silk even if it’s still wool.

shop the shirt. HERE


Last but not least the little brother of the first shirt i’ve shown you. Light blue and white thick strips on a short sleeved shirt. All buttoned up with black trousers it was my outfit for dinner and the cocktail after at the rooftop. The material is quite thicker then the red one but still quite comfortable.

shop the shirt: HERE


Not really exciting to read but that’s my suggestion for a casual day with strips. What look do you like most?



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