Sweden, Belarus, Netherlands, France, Canada, Russia, New York, London. These countries and many more are represented when I was checking who’s taking part in my Online community. Last week I was concentrated in finding out where you are coming from. I wanted to know more of you guys who are always accompanying all my trips, are there for me when I share questions or watch my live-videos on Instagram. Seeing that you are so widely scattered all over the world makes me more than happy.

This weekend is Easter-weekend, where we all celebrate what we are thankful for. There a many things I’m thankful for, especially for my family, who is always there for me. Living in a nice and safe environment and have what I need for living. I’m also more than thankful for you guys who are always by my side, support me with likes, comments and send me the sweetest direct messages. I’m reading every single one and always try to reply. In my job as a blogger this is everything I can wish for, a community who holds my back what ever comes.

GeorgMallner_Closer_English_Follower_TopLocationsInstagram_Editorial_Spring_SpringFashion_OOTD_Easter_France_Russia_NewYork_Germany_2 GeorgMallner_Closer_English_Follower_TopLocationsInstagram_Editorial_Spring_SpringFashion_OOTD_Easter_France_Russia_NewYork_Germany_I get asked a lot by German followers why I’m doing all my social media accounts in English. Yes I’m German but so many of you don’t speak German. For me it was always obvious to speak English, because I always thought, even if there is only one person who’s not talking German, that one should understand me as well. English is the only language which is taught in nearly every centimeter of the world. Thats why everyone can understand it even if you are not a fluent speaker. Thats why it was always important for me staying with that language, because I want to communicate with everyone of you, especially on my live-videos on Instagram.

When preparing this post i was curious which are the top locations of my followers. Since a while (when you changed your Instagram account to a business account) you can check the top locations in a statistic. I’m going to share with you know where most of my followers come from.

GeorgMallner_Closer_English_Follower_TopLocationsInstagram_Editorial_Spring_SpringFashion_OOTD_Easter_France_Russia_NewYork_Germany_9GeorgMallner_Closer_English_Follower_TopLocationsInstagram_Editorial_Spring_SpringFashion_OOTD_Easter_France_Russia_NewYork_Germany_6I just can say THANK YOU that you are always with me and support me. This internationality makes me always so happy when checking my Instagram. I appreciate every one of you and I hope that you will stay with me for a long time.

I would appreciate if you share in the comments below where you are coming from. So I have a better insight who’s reading my blog. Happy to hear from you and HAPPY EASTER.

pictures by Divora Photography


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