A couple of weeks ago I have been to Barcelona with my dear friend Lou. We were planning a trip together for a while now but as you guys know it’s never easy to find a common date to travel.

After half a year we made it and traveled together to Barcelona. I have been to Barcelona once before and I didn’t really like it. Why? It was in 2010 and maybe I was to young, I just couldn’t “feel” the city in the right way, and my overall interest were different back then. With Lou I gave Barcelona a new chance and I really loved and enjoyed the ambiance of the city.

We stayed for 4 days and mostly just strolled around and took pictures, my favorite thing when exploring a city. Ate at Flex and Kale, maybe one of the best vegan places I’ve ever been to, mostly every day. Walked by one or two points of interests. We were so amazed by the architecture and the charm of this beautiful city. Even the harbour gave you that great feeling, especially because the weather was amazing and we knew that it was cold back home in Germany.

Because I traveled with hand luggage I couldn’t pack a lot, so I had to pick wisely. I’m showing you now four of my outfits I wore during my stay in Barcelona.

For my first outfit, on my day of arrival, I choose my grey denim jacket by Weekday because it was kinda windy every now and then. Underneath I wore a shirt with white and dark green stripes by H&M and a white t-shirt by Arket. Black pants by H&M and because I had to carry my camera with me and also a bottle of water, because I´m trying to drink 3L a day. I also chose a shopper by Sandqvist as a bag. 

As a second look I chose a classic Burberry coat in cream a plain white shirt by Arket and black pants by COS.

Since it became very hot I wore a more summery look on the next day. This is also one of my favorite shirts at the moment by H&M, a greenish-khaki one I wear quite often, you maybe recognize it from my Instagram because I wore it also in winter with a turtleneck pullover underneath.

On my last day I was more experimental and chose the stripe shirt from the first day in another colour. This one had white and red stripes. Combined untypicaly for me with bumbag, which i wore over my shoulder. I’m not a big fan of it but when I need to carry my stuff and don’t have a jacket and don’t wanna use my huge bag, this is the only option i have atm. My glasses are from VIU and the pants by H&M.

Thats the whole magic. 4 outfits for 4 days.