I’m giving you a inside on which shows I have attended this years for Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017.
As a fashion week program I had some shows and installations but I wasn´t fully overloaded with it because if it comes to the women pret-a-porter shows I’m always quite selective. This season I had 3 highlights.

1.) John Galliano:

it was the first time for me attending a John Galliano show in Paris, which was very casual in some ways. I really loved the simpleness in the garments as well as the minimalism. Sexy, mostly in lace made of silk, satin and chiffon.

My personal highlight was meeting the Haghjoo sisters again who are one of my favorite bloggers out there and such warmhearted people.


2.) Valentin Yudashkin

who is the most famous designer in Russia and very well known worldwide. Boyish suits, high-waist trousers and geometric lace blousons where mixed with gala gowns in a very red carped fit way. He’s not over the top, he knows exactly whats fashionable and elegant. I enjoyed the whole collection.

georgmallner_paris-fashion-week_springsummer2017_valentinyudashkin_johngaliano_heavengaia_pfw_ georgmallner_paris-fashion-week_springsummer2017_valentinyudashkin_johngaliano_heavengaia_pfw_3 georgmallner_paris-fashion-week_springsummer2017_valentinyudashkin_johngaliano_heavengaia_pfw_2 georgmallner_paris-fashion-week_springsummer2017_valentinyudashkin_johngaliano_heavengaia_pfw_4 georgmallner_paris-fashion-week_springsummer2017_valentinyudashkin_johngaliano_heavengaia_pfw_5

3.) The Heaven Gaia

took place in my favorite location this year, the golden room in La Opera. The location is so magical and breathtaking that you can imagine that the collection has to be as amazing as the place itself. The Gaisha inspired garments in high quality fabrics looked amazing on the runway.

I was one of the few european people there, because most of the guest came from Asia which i really enjoyed, because this culture is so interesting and great to watch. Heaven Gaia also showed menswear in it’s collection.

georgmallner_paris-fashion-week_springsummer2017_valentinyudashkin_johngaliano_heavengaia_pfw_10 georgmallner_paris-fashion-week_springsummer2017_valentinyudashkin_johngaliano_heavengaia_pfw_8 georgmallner_paris-fashion-week_springsummer2017_valentinyudashkin_johngaliano_heavengaia_pfw_11 georgmallner_paris-fashion-week_springsummer2017_valentinyudashkin_johngaliano_heavengaia_pfw_9 georgmallner_paris-fashion-week_springsummer2017_valentinyudashkin_johngaliano_heavengaia_pfw_6

I was very happy to have the chance to be part of the BOF’500 event. BOF means business of fashion, which is a website for informations, analytical and opinionated points of view on the fashion business. This event took place in the town hall of paris and was a big event. Guests from Conde Nast, Chanel, Lanvin and lots more came to the show.

The Fashion Week for women prêt-a-porter is always fun and interesting to take part in. You get to know a lot of nice and great people, seeing amazing collections and get to see locations which you never seen before.