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Paros was the place to be in 2016. It has an amazing atmosphere with its incredible landscapes and beaches. Before my arrival I wasn’t sure what to expect, I never heard about this island, thats why I rather wanted to go to a more famous ones like Mykonos or Santorini to get my pictures of the white houses in combination with the ocean no matter what. But once arrived at Paros i fell in love with it quickly.

After the first two days in Athens we drove to the harbor to get our cruiser to Paros. It took us 6 hours with Blue Star Ferries because this cruiser has more islands to get to. Anyways if you ever wanna go from Athens to Paros by the Blue Star Farries, book the first class/business class because its just 48euros and you have a way more comfortable stay than in the crowded economy class.

We arrived at Paros at night on the harbor of Parikia, one day before the national day, means that there was not really a cab to get, we had to wait ages until we grabbed one.We arrived very late at our accomodation in Noussa, which was a quite traditional looking greek house with 2 floors and a huge rooftop.

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Noussa is one of the small villages of Paros, and for me the most beautiful one. The whole village is amazingly beautiful and very calm. Those white houses we all love are all over the place. At the center they have those lovely alleys with lots of boutiques and restaurants. We tested a lot of restaurants there but unfortunately not all of them because there are way to many. There was not even one i didn’t like, all of them were so yuum and totally cheap.

Here are some of the restaurants I can recommend.


Taverna Glafkos – you can sit directly at the sea and have amazing sea food


Tavern Flora – on the hill in Lefkes where you have an amazing view

Siparos – very nice restaurant near Noussa which looks very pretty from its interior.

Restaurant Mario – at the harbor in Noussa, great location, great food, but you need a reservation for sure, otherwise it’s not working, it’s always super crowed

All six days of our stay were super relaxed and adventurous. We were renting a quad for the whole time which was the best idea ever. It’s super easy to go everywhere with it, so we had the chance to discover the whole island, drove over mountains, through small dusty streets and to that most beautiful beaches which are not easy to reach.

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I can highly recommend Paros, because it was one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been to. You have so many beautiful beaches with sand or stones. Some of them are very crowded and others are very empty and calm. I really enjoyed finding new places and beaches to tan, without any other tourists.

It’s a super getaway to relax and enjoy yourself.