Today I’m introducing the Paula’s Choice Skincare products, which I’m using for over three months now. I wanted to test them myself before showing them to you. The products are mostly anti-aging products or products that help the skin to achieve better complexion. All products are non skin-irritating, fragrance free and not tested on animals.

Paula Begoun is not just the founder of Paula’s Choice, she’s also an author of over 20 bestselling books world wide. One of her books is called ‘Don’t go tot the cosmetics counter without me’ and she might be right. She knows a lot about beauty products, which ingredients are useful and which are used for no reason. Thats why she focused on her own brand and created great Skin Care for everyone.

But now we have a look at the products I’m using:

Paula’s Choice Skincare


Resist 10% Niacinamid Booster


This Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster by Paula’s Choise is a soft and light Vitamin B3 concentrate for all skin types. It reduces pores and helps to fight against aging. This booster is one of the first ones containing calming ingredients and antioxidants, which improve skin firmness and taint.

I’m using this Booster once a day, mostly before going to bed. You can also mix it with your moisturizer or serum. 2-3 drops are enough for your whole face. The liquide is quite jelly, which makes it way easier to apply because it’s not flowing everywhere. It is rapidly absurbed, leaves no greasy residue an feels good on your skin.

Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster


This special serum with hyaluronic acid is the perfect anti aging product for daily usage. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles by filling them and smoothes your skin immediately. Your skin looks healthier because it prevents dehydrating and repairs damages of caused by the sun. You can also use it around your under-eye area, which is one of the most important facts for me. Using 2-3 drops for your whole face is enough. This liquide by comparison with the Niacinamid Booster is super fluid. So you need to be careful not spilling it over your table or floor.

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA GEL



This gel is popular for giving your skin a smooth, soft and clear appearance. It reduces red palms and irritations with calming substances and antioxidants. The 2% of salicylic acid fights against pimples and blackheads. With its pH-value of 3,2 its working as an effective peeling which removes  skin particles. Its quite jelly and kinda sticky, thats why i use it before bed mostly. Sometimes I let it interact with my skin just for 20 minutes and wash it off afterwards. Using it once a week is enough for me. For my face I’m just pumping once to get the liquid.

I’m always changing between the two boosters by mood. The hyaluronic one I’m using more often, mostly when I haven’t slept a lot the night before, but I’m not using them every day, because I think its also important to give your skin a relief from everything once a week and just wash your face before bed.

Paula’s Choice has a discount offer right now for Christmas, so make sure you get your favorite product now.


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