Wanna spend a night in one of hamburgs cosiest hotels? With a perfect view on the riverbed of the inner city? Ruby Lotti Hamburg is the perfect match for you then. I spent two nights in one of my favorite rooms there and felt so comfortable that i didn’t want to leave. 

Since I live more or less in Hamburg I never really stay in hotels. The last time I have arrived I wanted to relax and disconnect from everyday life. For this reason I stayed two nights in the new Ruby Hotel in Hamburg which is called Lotti. It opened this year, so it´s super new. I love the feeling of staying in a new hotel because you know, you’re one of the first people who sleep in that bed. 

I was expecting a nice room, since I stayed in an other Ruby Hotel in Vienna last year. The room in Hamburg outreached everything to be honest. Why? Because entering the room you have this freestanding bed facing a window front. From it you have a perfect look on the water. I don’t even have to mention the light!! I have never had a round shaped room with window front before. It’s really special as you can imagine from the pictures. In front of the bed you find a huge TV next to two columns, which is also an aestetical plus. Behind the bed was the shower, glassed walls, so better close all the curtains otherwise people on the street can see you. Next to it was the toilet and a small bathroom space. 

The bed is super conformable and extra huge. There is no better feeling than sleeping in a bed that is so big you nearly loose yourself in it. I slept like a baby, both nights. When its getting dark and you open all the curtains you have nice view on the reflection of the water, which is really calming. In the morning you wake up by the sun hitting your face and you’re open your eyes and feel like on holiday. On holiday in your own city  – and that’s special. 

What I also loved about the hotel, and it was the same in Vienna, is that Ruby offers such a full-valued breakfast. You’re not missing anything. Its a huge variety of food, also for vegans. Most products are Bio, which also gives it a better touch, don’t you think? Quality first, thats what you get!

Staying in the hotel in hamburg is a totally different experience which means, i saw it from a different perspective. Walking outside the door and be in the center of the city, but on that part I’m normally not so often. Thats also something I completely enjoyed on that stay. 

I enjoyed my stay at the hotel as usual and would always go and book Ruby Hotels again, because I know that I get what I’m looking for. Quality, perfectly clean rooms that are great furnished. The room gives you all the comfort you want. Thats why I’m a Ruby fan.