One long weekend in Vienna full of wonderful architecture and a scent which doesn’t leave my head is over. A scent from the room of RUBY MARIE HOTEL in Vienna

Last weekend me and my friend Maxilie decided to have a little city trip to Vienna where we stayed in the very new Ruby Marie Hotel directly on the Mariahilferstrasse, which is one of the most popular shopping streets in Vienna. Therefore the location was perfect and super centrally located.

Arrived in the hotel we had to take the elevator to the 5th floor, were the reception has it´s place. This appeared quite untypical because in all the hotels i’ve ever been to the reception desk was close to the entrance.

I was so happy that our room was already ready to move into because we arrived a few hours before the actual check in. Our room was at the 7th floor which was great because from our window you had a perfect view over the city. My personal highlight by entering the room was this incredible sweet room scent. As you know I’m very into smells and so is  it always very important for me if something smells good. Unfortunately I don’t know yet what room scent it is but I’m going to find out.

Back to the room. It was super bright and perfect for pictures. Very modern, all in light tones. A huge shower in the middle of the room where from you have a direct view to the bed -of course there was also a curtain to hide while showering.

An Marshall box was standing next to the bed with an AUX-connection. Good sound while getting ready is a must.

sweater / ASKET

On the 3rd floor you find a library with 70’s furniture, which I liked. In the same room you finde a little tea station that Maxilie and I used before we went to sleep.

Time for breakfast. At the same space of the reception desk you have a huge bar and the restaurant where the breakfast took place. A healthy and rich selection awaited us. From the table we had a view to the terrace. The terrace was filled with plants and looked super comfortable. Unfortunately we didn’t have the perfect weather to sit outside a lot.

Ruby Marie convinced me with friendly staff and modern rooms, a delicious breakfast and it’s location. Now it’s up to you to book your trip to Vienna and stay at Ruby Marie.