Snapchat vs Instagram Stories – what should we use? What do we really need?

The biggest topic at the moment in social media is the attempt of Instagram trying to copy Snapchat. Many people hate Instagram for stealing the idea of Snapchat because they wanted to buy it three years ago. Snapchat refused the offer. Others say it’s just a new catch of Instagram to get the whole attention back Snapchat has stolen in the last couple of years. Whatever is behind it, I don’t know if it was a smart move. But lets check together which one I like better and which one I will use more than the other.

As you guys know I’m very into social media using pretty much everything except of twitter.

I don’t really get twitter to be honest and i don’t think that people would be interested in my twitter. I’m a visual person, therefore I use Instagram and Snapchat most of the time. In the last couple of months I used Snapchat more and more over Instagram. Posted stories of about 90 parts (for what I’m sorry. On the other hand I don’t really think people are watching the whole story.) while I’m posting just one picture a day on Instagram.

A few days ago came the shock. I opened the app of Instagram and out of nowhere this little round button on the top. It said something like ‘TRY ME’. In the first seconds I wasn’t even able to open it. I actually thought we should decide about the new logo. After clicking the first ever story of Instagram itself opened up and explained the new concept of Instagram Stories.

Its pretty much the exact same schematic that Snapchat is using. You can swipe from right to left and from left to right. You get other features, take pictures, heading to the messages. It actually looks nearly the same. So all of us are confused which app we should use now for our 24h stories? Should we stay with Snapchat or change to Instagram Stories? But whats happening to those Snapchat followers who don’t use Instagram – for example my mum and dad?

Snapchat above – Instagram Stories below (not a big difference between them)


That’s why we should now talk about the PRO´S and CON´S of both apps.

•One good thing about Instagram Stories is that on Instagram my range of followers is even bigger than on Snapchat what makes my stories more popular of course – even if not all of my 14k followers watch the stories. The negative aspect on the other hand is, that some of my followers follow more than 2k people, means they will never see my stories because I’m just somewhere in between them and that makes no sense, because you don’t even reach all of your people.

•Similar to the topic above, I don’t want to see all the stories of people I follow myself, I like to check there Instagram feeds but don’t want to see them acting in front of the camera in movies. Thats the good thing about Snapchat, on Snapchat you just have your selected choice of people. Which means on Instagram I’m following about 230, people on Snapchat on the other hand just about 20. Thats less then 10 %. I’m actually a big fan of separate apps for separate people, because this makes it more neatly arranged.

•What I love on Snapchat is, that no one gets away with screenshooting pictures of your story. This is one of the essential features on this app for me because i want to know what people are doing. I love to be able to control the behavior of my followers. On Instagram Stories I tried this with a friend because i was curious if you can see the screenshots or not and i got to a disappointed result. Instasnap (or Instagram Stories – i don’t even know how to all it) doesn’t show you any screenshots. Which makes it way easier for people to screenshot your pictures and use it for there own feeds. Which annoys me.

•One of the sad facts is that Instagram Stories doesn´t have funny filters yet, like dogface or the crown of butterflies (which i prefer). That’s a plus for Snapchat. BUT Instagram Stories has way more beauty filter, many colors, contrasts and also this neon color to write which gives it also a plus. Thats a score level at 1 all.

 GeorgMallner_Lifestyle_Instagram_InstagramStories_Snapchat_SocialMedia_Doggyfilter_SnapchatVsInstagram_ GeorgMallner_Lifestyle_Instagram_InstagramStories_Snapchat_SocialMedia_Doggyfilter_SnapchatVsInstagram_6

These are just a few of the PRO´S and CON´S so far. But as I know them, they will change a lot in the next few months, because they are always searching for new cool things to do and updating the app a lot, even more yet because they try to ace the other one out.

I just can talk for myself, but I’m going to use Snapchat more then Instagram Stories for now. Being on both will not be easy, because I don’t have the time. I tried it yesterday and saw that there is no time left to enjoy the things I’m doing if I try to catch every moment with two apps. Most of my videos/updates will be seen on my snapchat and if i have time i will post videos/pictures now and then on Instagram stories.


It’s up to you now, let me know what you like better, what annoys you on which app and which one you will use more. But as I said above, try to enjoy the time over posting everything on your Snapchat/Instagram Stories.

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