The best esthetic, visual language and a way of perfection no other person have. This and many more attributes describe my top 5 Instagram accounts.

Instagram is nowadays one of the biggest an most important mediums in our century. People arround the world prefer it over Facebook and Blogs, because its super easy to handle and shows exactly what most of us are interested – PICTURES. Pictures of people we know, adore or just love. No huge articles you need to have time to read, just scrolling through a ocean of visual treats.

Instagram has it’s over 700 million user. There is no question that quantity won over quality. Every 10th profile you look at hast over 100k, most of them without any talent, not even nice pictures. How is this possible?

In this article I’m showing you my top 5 instagram accounts. A list of people who put their creativity and lots of work in their feeds. Its not about showing you people I’m friends with and what to support, this is about real talent. It makes me angry seeing that most Influencer don’t support each other. (There are a lot of ego creatures out there, but about that I’m talking on my next CLOSER-post after Fashion Week) I just want to get back to this point where quality is more worth then quantity, by supporting people with talent. I don’t expect from them to do the same, because I tried giving them to understand that sticking together is important, but everyone sees that differently. However.

The listing is alphabetical because I can’t decide which one is the real number one, all of them have their significant feature which makes them special and amazing.


ANNIENGUYEN by Annie Nguyen

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MEOWIIE by Melody

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SYLVIAHAGHJOO by Sylvia Haghjoo

GeorgMallner_Instagram_Top5_Top5InstagramAccounts_Melody_Meowii_SylviaHaghjoo_AnnieNguyen_TheNativeFox_JenniferGrace_Thisismintymoment_MinthT_BestInstagramAccounts_2 GeorgMallner_Instagram_Top5_Top5InstagramAccounts_Melody_Meowii_SylviaHaghjoo_AnnieNguyen_TheNativeFox_JenniferGrace_Thisismintymoment_MinthT_BestInstagramAccounts_6

THENATIVEFOX by Jennifer Grace

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THISMINTYMOMENT by Minth TGeorgMallner_Instagram_Top5_Top5InstagramAccounts_Melody_Meowii_SylviaHaghjoo_AnnieNguyen_TheNativeFox_JenniferGrace_Thisismintymoment_MinthT_BestInstagramAccounts_3 GeorgMallner_Instagram_Top5_Top5InstagramAccounts_Melody_Meowii_SylviaHaghjoo_AnnieNguyen_TheNativeFox_JenniferGrace_Thisismintymoment_MinthT_BestInstagramAccounts_7

PS: If you know any outstanding feeds you want to share, let me know in the comments. I’m trying to post great profiles in my Instastory every now and then.