All of you who follow me since a while now know, that I have been to Lisbon quite often in the last 3 years. It’s one of my favorite cities so i try to go there every year. I always told my mum how much i love it and of course she saw my stories on Instagram and fell in love with the city. So because she has never been there, we decided to have our annual vacation this year in Lisbon. We stayed there for 10 days and had an amazing time. We switched hotels once because at a long vacation I love to stay in different areas. One of the hotels was the WC BEAUTIQUE HOTEL LISBON.

I researched on the internet in which hotel to stay this time. I’m really picky with hotels because I want them to be on a high level of aesthetic and comfort but of course it shouldn’t be too expensive. The WC Beautique popped to my eye because of its turquoise tiles and lovely furnished rooms, so we decided to stay in this hotel for 5 days.

The Hotel is quite central on a street called Agenda Almirante Reis. We walked to Rossio Square (one of the main places in Lisbon) about 15 mins. Uber is very cheap in Portugal anyways, so if we were lazy or it rained we drove with it somewhere.

The whole hotel looks like a huge spa area and the employees were dressed in bathrobe and had towels on their heads, that confused me a bit by arrival. (the other days they were dressed normally tho). However the check-in was really nice and fast and guys, the smell of the hotel is amazing, I forgot to ask about the scent but I really loved it. Since I’m really into perfumes and scents, coming to a hotel which smells amazing gives me always a great feeling. One of the receptionists gave us a quick tour and showed us our room. The Superior WC Room.

A lovely decorated 18 square meter room with a huge bed and lots of mirrors. The bathroom was included in the room. For a business trip where you have to share a room with your colleague, the hotel is not recommended I suppose. However, I loved the room, especially because of the really nice turquoise curtains and the tiles behind the bed. The room smelled the same as the whole hotel which was a total plus. The room was very clean, nothing negativ came to my eyes in general. The bed was super comfortable, maybe too hard for some people who are used to very soft beds, but I liked it.

One evening we were to lazy to go out, so we decided to eat in the hotels restaurant. I have to admit, the food was perfect. I ‚just‘ had a burger, but it was magically delicious. My mum had salmon on vegetables with carrot puree, which was a dream. So if you’r not staying in the hotel you just can go there to eat.

All in all I was really satisfied with the hotel, the area is not my favorite to be honest but the hotel itself was really great and I will definitely stay there next time.