Well, summer left us and autumn is definitely over, the prove is pictured in front of us. It’s getting cold, cold, colder.  I’m sitting here writing this post next to the heater with a fresh made ginger-sage-infusion remembering my day in the widths of beige. Totally untouched territory in a color palette of pastel tones in my hometown. So close to where I was raised, but I have never been there before.

My dad always comes up with new places I’ve never seen before when I’m visiting. This time he told me that he found a spot that I would love. This place is about 30 mins from our apartment. After driving through the woods on a road i didn’t even know existed. However, we drove along and went up the mountain, where this beauty showed up.

georgmallner_travel_widthsofbeige_mountians_austria_photography_melancholic_allsaints_coat_drmartens_boots_4 georgmallner_travel_widthsofbeige_mountians_austria_photography_melancholic_allsaints_coat_drmartens_boots_2What I love about the cold time of the year, when snow hasn’t fallen yet, is that everything looks so melancholic. The most fascinating thing is that everything appears in pastel colors, mostly beige. That makes sense if you think about the dry half-frozen grass that covers the ground.

I never enjoyed being out in nature that much back when I was a teenager, 5 years ago. I had other interests and priorities and never really appreciate living in Austria and having all this amazing spots. Nowadays I’m happy to explore all this, seeing it with different eyes. It’s freedom and a nice getaway from all the social media problems we have. You have time again to think about yourself, strolling through this gorgeous nature and spending time with my family, which is the most important fact in this. I don’t see them quite often and when I’m at the apartment I’m mostly on my phone or on my laptop. Thats what quality time outside the house should be, what we all are should do more often.

georgmallner_travel_widthsofbeige_mountians_austria_photography_melancholic_allsaints_coat_drmartens_boots_3 georgmallner_travel_widthsofbeige_mountians_austria_photography_melancholic_allsaints_coat_drmartens_boots_6

Next time if you don’t know what to do, grab a family member or a friend and go to a place you’ve never been to. This frees your spirit and opens new doors for your mindset.


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