Curis is one of the seven perfumes Carner Barcelona produces in their line ‚woody collection‘ and is undefeated one of my all time favorites.

Sometimes it happens that you get annoyed of a perfume easily after wearing it every day over a year, but not with this one. Every time I use it I have this WOW-effect because the scent is amazingly good.

I found this perfume by accident in 2013 at Berlin Fashion Week noticing it while talking to Riccardo Simonetti, which seems for some of you guys funny because he’s the total opposite of me when you see him. For all of you not knowing him, he’s a Blogger from Germany who’s eccentric from his look. For most people he’s quite over the top wearing crowns, lots of colors, kinda trashy things sometimes. But there you can see, even if you are super different in everything there could be something you have in common. From the very first second I knew that I need this perfume, that’s why I asked him immediately what it is and where he got it from.

GeorgMallner_Beauty_Parfume_CarnerBarcelona_Cuirs_EauDeParfum_Oud_SandalWood_Patchouli_CedarWood_Amber_Leather_Parfum_2Curis is a very strong, long-lasting Eau de Parfum, which means it has a higher concentration of oil as e.g. an Eau de Toilette. The concentration of pure parfum-oil contains 10-20%, means it could last for over 8 hours in an intense way. Curis is not heavy even if its strong, its warm and sweet but has this peak of wood coming through now and then as much as leather. It has this unique expression where spicy and sweet notes come together. I can recommend this perfume the whole year because it has the right components to wear it in every season.

The ingredients





sandal wood

cedar wood




oud wood



GeorgMallner_Beauty_Parfume_CarnerBarcelona_Cuirs_EauDeParfum_Oud_SandalWood_Patchouli_CedarWood_Amber_Leather_Parfum GeorgMallner_Beauty_Parfume_CarnerBarcelona_Cuirs_EauDeParfum_Oud_SandalWood_Patchouli_CedarWood_Amber_Leather_Parfum_3The price of Eau de Parfums are always a bit more expensive because of there high amount of pure parfume-oil. 100ml are €145 and 50ml are €95.

So if you really like the scent go and buy 100ml to safe money.


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