Christmas is coming, and what’s a better present underneath the Christmas tree as one of the greatest perfumes for this season..

Most people know me as perfume addict. There is no perfumery I’m not stopping by to smell the whole range they have. I like the very heavy and extraordinary perfumes best. I don’t know where my attraction for perfume comes from, but ever since I can think of I was very much into scents. With that said you will understand that I was more than excited when FLACONI.DE sent me one of my favorite perfumes: OUD VELVET MOOD by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

I love great smells and I´m always happy coming to a place with a good scent. It makes me feel more comfortable. The same goes with people. When you meet someone for the first time and that person smells nice they will appear more sympathetic to you. It’s psychological approved that scents have a special impact on us and our brain. Maybe I’m one of those people you’re annoyed of, because I’m so so very much into perfume.

I saw Oud Velvet Mood the first time in Paris. My friend Sebastien showed it to me – and I fell in love immediately. Starting by the flacon: A small cubed dark glas bottle with a valuable golden metal, showing the Brand and the name of the scent. Extrait de parfum showes how high concentrated this beauty is. A golden sealing cap was waiting to get opened. I immediately noticed this fascinating creation of premium ingredients in the air. Thats when knew it was perfect for me.

This woody and smokey scent turns in warmer notes after a while and is perfection at its best. It’s a matter of cinnamon from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in combination with saffron, natural oud from Laos and copahu balm coming from Brazil. Francis Kurkdijan created a masterpiece in perfume de niche.

This perfume is the perfect gift for Christmas especially because most people don’t like heavy scents in summer time, that makes it more attractive in wintertime.

In comparison to other perfumes you don’t have to spray a lot, for normal use one push is enough, because of this perfumes high concentration. It means something when I say that, using most perfumes a lot more, 4-6 pushes a time. Oud Velvet Mood is long-lasting on your body as well as in your flacon.

Have a look at flaconi.de and get your Oud Velvet Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdijan.



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