As you guys know and I showed you on my instastories in the last two months, I had some beauty treatments going on. Including a PRP-Microneedeling treatment and injections with hyalouron acid. Both conducted by Dr. Akhundov at Stunning You in Berlin.

We are starting with the PRP-Treatment which is also known as vampire facial thanks to Kim Kardashian. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plamsa and gets derived from your own blood. These cells contains many growth factors that increase the collagen production.

By arrival at Stunning You, Dr. Akhundov was really endeavored and talked with me for a very long time giving me all the informations I needed to be prepared for the ‚facial’. He’s very considered and calm, which i really appriciate. After the talk he put some numbing cream on my face and draw a sample of my blood from my arm. Actually 4-5 ampoules which was quite tough because I haven’t eaten before and getting rid of that much blood was something lol.

He places the blood samples into a centrifuge, which is a machine that spins very fast and separates the blood components. One of the components is the plasma that we needed for our treatment. While the machine was spinning I had 40 mins for free disposal and went down to grab something to eat. When I came back he had everything prepared for the treatment. I laid down at the bench and we could start.

First of all gave me some injections to make the most sensitive parts of my skin more numb. Then he placed a thin layer of plasma on my skin and put holes in my skin with a microneedeling technique. That little machine repeatedly punctures the skin with tiny, sterile needles and is a really good collagen induction therapy. While needeling he placed more plasma to work it into my skin. I’m not gonna lie, the first time the needles came to my skin was alright, but after getting over the part again and again, it really hurt. He did it quite intense to get a better result. Some of the remaining plasma got injected in my eyebags. As a final touch he put some cooling Aloe Vera cream on my face to calm my skin.

Because of the treatment I couldn’t do the hyalouron injections at the same day, that would have been to much for my skin, for that I had to wait a month (thats why I tell you more about that in the next post)

After the PRP treatment I looked horrible, all red and swollen. Everyone who saw me was shocked lol, but i knew that this would not last for long. When I arrived home I had to put on my Aloe Vera cream every hour and that really helped, in the evening the swollen parts where milder.

The whole healing took exactly a week to be honest. Because you could see some red spots in parts he needled more intense for longer then 4 days.

The whole first week I didn’t put something in my face except Aloe Vera cream and hyalourun acid. I was avoiding sun for the whole first month, because I didn’t wanted to overwhelm my recovering skin. But from week to week it got better and better until I looked normal again. After a month my family saw me for the first time after the treatment and they said I look fresher and less hollow.

The PRP-needeling treatment is no magic, you can’t see a huge huge difference after the first time. Thats why I recommend to do the treatment about three times in the first half year. From that one every half a year maybe until just once a year. It’s something you have to do continuously.

I did it because of my hollow cheeks and eyebags, and as my parents said, it’s a bit better then before but in this case you need more treatments then just one.

I’m convinced that it works but it needs it’s time. For people with acne scars and other scars its really something, there you will see more results for sure. I’m going to do it again for sure but not in the summertime, because you’re not allowed to be in the direct sunlight. Thats why I’m starting again in November i guess.



Microneedeling with PRP for your whole face costs 400€ at STUNNING YOU, if you buy a package of 3 it’s a special price of 1000€. If you also want to get PRP injected in the under eye area it’s a plus of 200€. In a package of 3 its 500€.


But PRP is not the only thing Dr. Akhundov is offering. All kind of Injections, soft liftings and normal liftings, boob jobs and much more. Just get all the informations on the link below.