It’s getting cold and colder. This time of the year isn’t my favorite as you know, but there is one little thing I really like about it. You’re in your overheated apartment snuggling in your bed all day and not far from you is this wonderful smelling candle, which gives a nice vibe to the whole atmosphere.

Scented candles are a real luxury object, I agree on that and most of the good ones are super expensive. So you have to choose, if it’s worth for you spending money on something you burn completely. That’s why I’m also very careful if it comes to burn it down. Half an hour is mostly enough to get the whole room filled with the amazing smell. Besides it looks nice and makes it more cosy at home.

But christmas eve is coming soon and we all are searching for the perfect gifts for our beloved ones. So i thought of giving you a little gift idea. Without lying, this kind of candles are one of my most given gifts ever, and my friends/family always loved them. People around me know that I’m an addict if it comes to perfume and scents, thats why they always appreciate getting this as a present.

georgmallner_beauty_lifestyle_candel_scentedcandel_madetlen_ebenebois_homewear_france_grasse_christamasgift_giftidea_christmas_4Mad Et Len

Mad Et Len is a high-end scented homeware house in the south of France by Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut. All the iron jars that contain the candles are handcrafted and “blackened” in a special way that make this brand so unique and great – besides the smell of the candles itself of course. They produce all of their essential oils themselves, which are infused in soy vegetable wax. The name of the candle right here is EBENE BOIS and has an aromatic leathery, woody and smoky scent.

Candles by Mad et Len have a burning time of about 70-80 hours. Because of their high amount of perfume oil you don’t have to burn it that long to get this wonderful scent floating the room.georgmallner_beauty_lifestyle_candel_scentedcandel_madetlen_ebenebois_homewear_france_grasse_christamasgift_giftidea_christmas_georgmallner_beauty_lifestyle_candel_scentedcandel_madetlen_ebenebois_homewear_france_grasse_christamasgift_giftidea_christmas_5georgmallner_beauty_lifestyle_candel_scentedcandel_madetlen_ebenebois_homewear_france_grasse_christamasgift_giftidea_christmas_2

The price of the candle is 82 Euro, which is a lot, i know, but it’s totally worth it.

I hope I could inspire you with my favorite present for christmas. Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite gift for your beloved ones for that time of the day?



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